Manufacturers of Dental instruments

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Mark Helly specializes in manufacturing the highest quality dental instruments
for our customers by employing superior technicians and utilizing advanced
production equipment.

“The best choice for safe treatment and success” is how dentists around the world describe
our instruments. The management concept of Mark Helly is to create products that will not
only be a good value to our customers, but will earn their trust while they receive excellent
customer service.

Our vision has always been very clear. It is to offer the best products, at the best prices,
to satisfy our customers’ needs. In order to continue to achieve our vision, we will continue
to pursue upgrades in the latest technologies, craftsmanship, production, research and

As our skillful technicians put their best efforts into the latest production processes of each
product, Mark Helly shall produce products with the utmost care. This attention to detail is
something seldom seen in today’s automated mass production processes.
We will continue to perform our best to become the worlds’ premier dental instruments